Best combat vest: Perfect helper of yourself

vAv YAKEDA Field Outdoor Army Fans Tactical Vest

For the best focus on the best lightweight plate carrier, we chose the vAv YAKEDA Field Outdoor Army Fans Tactical Vest, partly because of its quality; the reviews that it enjoys from first users, and more importantly its natural quality.

The vest is highly adjustable and will fit adults of every size. It supports the S-XXXXL sizes with the maximum waist capacity of 57 inches (145cm).

The smallest waist size stands at 35 inches (89CM) while its longest length is a whopping 22.5 inches (57cm).

Just keep in mind that between its shortest length of 20.5 inches (52cm) to its longest length, this vest can be easily adjusted to fit a broad and small shoulder and torso height.

Thanks to its adjustable Velcro shoulder and side straps you can easily fit this vest for your needs and still enjoy the full freedom of movement.

The vest is also highly breathable and light with mesh design and has been made out of durable and pretty much comfortable high-density 600D Polyester fabric.

It has plenty of removable and easy to re-attach pouches that you can use to carry ammo, multi-tool, and communication devices.

The vest’s hook-and-loop closure system aids easy wearing while the drain holes and the elastic plug-in systems are excellent in case you want a neatly organized mission.

Apart from all these, you will love the various colors that you can choose from, the ability of the vest to hold multiple plates, and above all that the adjustable magazine pouches with 3 on the right and one on the left.

More importantly is a pistol pouch/ carrier that will easily allow you to remove your pistol without a glitch.

         2 Best Combat Vest review for 2018

Combat vests are the soldier’s most basic first guard in securing essential organs. These vests today are joined plate transporters, and load bearing vests. Vests incorporate loads of present day materials making them both easy to use and unit vital. All militaries today, and all security powers are outfitting their troops with combat vests for some reasons. Operations on the ground require combat vests to convey protective body layer. For example, SAPI plates, and steel plates. The vest is in charge of guaranteeing that the plates don’t move around while the trooper is progressing rapidly. It can keep the warrior secured as he is on watch directing his obligations. We share the best combat vest in the market.

Best combat vest

Let’s discuss the top two best that is perfect for you.

1.Condor MCR5: Recon Chest Rig


The Condor MCR5 Recon is a reasonable chest fix that keeps you underneath the fifty-dollar check. This is an excellent choice for men searching for an extraordinary chest fix at a reasonable cost. This fight equip isn’t merely cool for airsoft. However can likewise work well for in a genuine “Without the Rule of Law” (WROL) circumstances. Before whatever else, realize that the MCR5 is not typical for customary plate transporters since it can’t convey ballistic plates. There’s a motivation behind why it’s known as a chest fix and not a carrier.

This is a perfect useful vest for individuals that needn’t bother with the body covering. It’s ideal for rivalries, climbing, or preparing. The setup has a limit with regards to 6 rifle mags and six gun mags. This vest is less secluded than others, as the pockets come sewn to the vest.



–     This apparatus unquestionably has a decent form.

–    The folds are movable and removable in the meantime.



–    A few segments of MOLLE are tight.

  2.VISM by NcStar AK Chest Rig


The NcStar vest is basic however powerful and fit for conveying the heap an AK needs. The AK chest fix offers space to fit 6 AK 47 magazines in its front pockets. On the left and right half of the magazine pockets is two huge utility pockets that could fit two more AK 47 magazines. This gives you an aggregate of eight magazines if you go that way. While the front magazine pockets are fantastically simple to draw, the two on the extreme left and right are much slower to get to.

The front pockets are decent and extensive which fit AK 47 or AK 74 magazines exceptionally well. The pockets hold the magazines through elastic strings that are finished with nylon get lashes. These snatch lashes make it simple to tear, grasp, and reload your AK 47. A little pocket sits over the magazine pockets and is the ideal size for a mobile phone, a small radio, or a guide.



–    You can carry six magazines with the three double pouches.

–    Sturdy and durable.



–    The straps are not as strong as expected.

How to buy

  1. Comfort is the critical thing of the vest to consider. It’s horrible to experience if you wear uncomfortable cloth. Same as the vest, if your vest doesn’t fit in your body, it doesn’t give any comfort.
  2. Pick a vest intended for the kind of protection you will need. Keep in mind that the weight of the product you select will affect your weakness levels. This is additionally influenced by the armor plates or covering embeds.
  3. It would help if you considered wearing your body covering. Also, also time allotment that the protective layer will remain on.
  4. There are six types of armor ratings such as I, II-A, II, III-A, III, and IV. Level I protects the low-velocity round and small caliber.
  5. Check the quality of the tactical vest. Besides, you also check the warranty on it. The warranty can add to that genuine feeling of serenity that anything should happen to your gear.
  6. Measure the vest and the body.
  7. Decide how much cash you need to spend on the vest. Despite the cost, ensure that the National Institute of Justice affirms the vest.


Shop admirably and check your apparatus for any tears or broken creases. Nothing can be awful than preparing all equipped. We provide two best combat vest for you. It would help if you considered the product before buying.


Best combat vest: Perfect helper of yourself
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