Best Bulletproof Vest for 2018. 5 Bulletproof vest reviewed for buy

Best Bulletproof Vest for 2018. 5 Bulletproof vest reviewed for buy

Are you looking for body armor that is people calling bulletproof vest? Yes, we have got the answer. Don’t worry guys you are in the bulletproof paradise. We help to find you the best bulletproof vest in the market. It’s a cover of protection that protects your body from the bullet. The vest is built for the security of the armed person. The police and the army man using this vest.

Never think that the vest isn’t reliable. First of all ,the vest is enough strong and capable that you can’t imagine.Probably  This is a necessary element of the military forces during the emergency period. As a serious shooter, you have needed a vest that is bulletproof. This vest will save your life from the bullet. However, it’s not simple matter think. It’s a question of safety to your life.

Above all ,In the post, we provide top 5 vests for you. Seems like All the products on the list have different features. You should choose a product that is perfect for you. As a result, this list and their description will help to select the right vest. Selecting the right vest for you is a significant challenge. So we also provide buying guide. Let’s start the journey.

comparison table  is given for best bulletproof vest:

Product NameColorFeatures
Tipperary Eventer VestBlack–  First of all   built with nylon and flotation foam

–         Up to 9 mm of the 357 calibers bullet support

–    Finally  Tailbone with back protection

UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT VestBlack–  First of all    adjustable girth and length

–         Non-slip shoulder pad

–   Finally  Customizable design and fixed layout

CONDOR Modular VestBlack–  First of all   A shell carrying and a shooting pouch

–         Adjustable settings of the shoulder

–  Finally   3 extra pistol magazines

GLORYFIRE Tactical VestTan–   First of all   Medium to extra-large size

–         6 open-top M4 mag pouches

– Finally  Built with quality material

SMARTSTANDARD Tactical VestTan–         3 movable rifle magazine pockets

–         1000D Nylon material of the vest

–         Universal hostler that is in an adjustable position


Best Bulletproof Vest Review

Guys, we are talking about proper vest to you. And from our research, we found the following top 5 vests.

1.Tipperary Eventer Vest

Tipperary Eventer Vest is perfect for adults. Tipperary Eventer vest is the most favourite among riders. Keep in mind that the vest is the best method to maintain the protection of a child or adults or any person. You should choose one according to size and weight. It’s more expensive than other vests, but it can give you excellent comfort.


–  It is built with nylon and flotation foam that will give you comfort.

– The vest comes with a design of three adjustable buckles and open side. It has a side adjustment with a light structure that allows better movement. Moreover, the front fasteners facilitate to access with vented padding Zippered.

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–  The Tripperary is manufactured with the aim of stopping the impact of handguns.

– It can support bullets up to 9 mm of the 357 calibers.

– The Vest is black. The zipper of the vest is on the middle side with variable side laces.

–  The material is resistant to snags. It has a front zip and adjustable waist strap and flex designed stuffing structure.

– Complete back protected tailbone.

– Zippered front with lace side regulation.

– The vest is breathable and simple.

– It gives better performance for the safety.

– Padding system of dual density allows you high shock absorption.




  1. The vest is more comfortable to put it on.

2.It is simple and goes very comfortable with cloth.

3.You will get a great fit.

4.Its flex designed padding and structure tolerate most mobility and improved airflow.

5.The Tripperary has a buoyancy of 50 Newtons.

6.This vest is non-restrictive contoured.

7.It offers you extra protection.

8.The polyethene foam of the vest provides very comfortable filling.

9.This safety equipment is suitable for all levels of competition.


  • There is no certification from the ASTM/SEI for this vest.
  • During sunny weather, the black vest is not a good choice.


It’s a beautiful vest for the user. The vest is prominent with riders of all levels from starting beginners to 4-star experts. This protective vest has a zippered front closer backed for simple flexibility. We highly recommended the vest for you.

 2.UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest

If you are looking for a vest for your SWAT team, the UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest is the right choice for you. It’s also perfect for the uses os police, security and military man for the risky operation. The vest has a multi-purpose use. It has several pockets to carry different things. It’s not only for the law enforcement but also for the people who are in a risky situation. You can feel great comfort and see large storage in the vest. We recommend the UTG as the best bulletproof vest.


  • It has adjustable girth and length with the fitting of one size.
  • The UTG has a universal design that has four rifle mag pouches with the adjustable mode.
  • It has a shoulder pad that is non-slip.
  • The vest has three pistol magazine holders that are universal with an adjustable belt.
  • It features a cross-draw holster.
  • MOLLE webbing that is customizable covered the vest.
  • If you interchange the holster, the detachable modular pouches permit you to do that.
  • It has a fixed layout and customizable design.
  • The magazine pouches can able to holds up to 630 rounds AR 15.
  • You can see extra pistol ammunition from two horizontal pouches.
  • While field operations, the vest has a sturdy rescue handle with big strength.
  • You get a ventilation system with signature mesh to release the heat and moisture.
  • High-quality zippers.
  • You can carry the extra tools and gear for the back loop system.


  • You can add more load for an extra pad of the right side shoulder strap.
  • There are several colors such as black, army digital, woodland digital camo and green.
  • Several magazines are accommodating with pouches.
  • The extra double mag pouch attached with Velcro.
  • Mag of 5 pouches gives the support of makes this extra of a rifle vest.




  • It’s very tough to adjust the straps for their tightness.
  • The vest customization is not available.

The UTG vest is one of the best tactical vests in the market. The adjustable girth, rifle pouch and unique design of the vest make it great. All the feature and specification are effective. It’s a perfect choice for the dangerous operation of armed forces. Protection is the main feature of the product. You can find multiple support from the vest. The size and storage of the UTG make a unique position while buying the product.

3.Condor Cross Draw Vest

Condor Cross Draw vest is perfect for fast, short or dynamic operations. The vest has several opportunities. Condor Cross is working strong and adjustable. A carrying handles able to transport easily when not wearing the vest. Substantial webbing in the back considers the secluded connection of different pouches.


  • It has a shell carrying and a shooting pouch that are large size with three ammo pouches.
  • There is a pistol holster in the left side. It will be working in the magazine of normal size.
  • You can find the adjustable settings of the shoulder with the Velcro strips that are long.
  • There are three extra pistol magazines attach in the right of the hostler.
  • You can see three another rifle magazine pouches in the opposite.
  • Three pouches can hold up one rifle magazine.
  • You can see a double-ply mesh for the hydration bladder storage.
  • Adjustable settings for the left and right side.
  • AR 15 and AK 47 magazine pouches are fit with the vest.
  • User-friendly for its slimline design. You can use the weapon easy from the in and out of a      vehicle.
  • It’s simple and also versatile.
  • The vest has a nylon material.
  • There are two inner pockets with zipper and three M4 mag pouches in the vest.
  • A tactical belt is included in Condor Cross.
  • It can able to carry the shotgun shells.
  • The vest has a fixed layout design.
  • The Condor has the cross draw hostler on the left side. It can hold duty size firearms.
  • It has up to 44 inches length.
  • A tactical belt
  • The Condor has one lb of weight.
  • Left and right sides can be balanced for width using drawstrings.
  • Inside of vest has two zooms up report takes a left and right.


  •  Velcro strips adjustable settings.
  • Additional pistol magazine
  • Extra rifle magazine pouches
  • Storage of a hydration bladder
  • It can do multiple functions.
  • Shotgun pouch
  • Zipper pockets in the inner side
  • Strips of loop and hook with shoulder adjustment.




 It has an overpowering smell of plastic that your enemy can find you easily.

Condor is the one of the best company that manufactures the vest. Cross Draw vest is the perfect choice for you. If you’re a beginner to handle the bulletproof vest, it’ll be great. The Condor is the preferred vest  that you’re looking for.

4. GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest

Gloryfire is one of the main brands available and you know you’re generally for a treat with their items. This is a law authorization vest with a couple of turns all over. It appears to be unique than most comparative vests. This is the most popular vest  for the money.




  • It has an emergency drag handle that works in a new period.
  • You can remove the anti-slip padded shoulder pads that adjust with hook and loop guides.
  • The vest also has shoulder straps that are adjustable.
  • Hook, snap and loop closure adjusted to the front map pocket.
  • It has buckles of slide release on the shoulders and strap on the internal waist.
  •  The vest has a medium to extra-large size.
  •  It accompanies Padded mesh inside lining.
  •  There are four colors such as black, tan and olive drab.
  • The weights of the vest is 1 pound.
  • There are six open-top M4 mag pouches.
  •  Modular attachments with powerful webbing.
  •  Pockets are adjusted with cummerbund.
  • It’s built with quality material.
  • There are fabricated – in interior .223 – bore magazine clip pockets.
  • P.A.L.S webbing over the whole front for extra M.O.L.L.E pockets.
  • There is 1 x 8 = 8 inside .223 – caliber magazine clip pockets that will hold one mag cut each.
  • This is a lightweight modular assault vest that can use for combat training and a battle of the war.
  •  The waist size of the vest is 30 inches to 60 inches.
  • The large front pocket can be opened with a snap button. It also utilizes velcro. You can put in anything in this pocket as long as it fits.




  •   Easy to access the pockets.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Anti-slip padded shoulder gives extra comfort.
  •  Well, size and fitting.
  •  The result of the vest is great and it also looks good.
  •  It has the perfect and professional stitching.



  • No buckle is quick-release in the front separating straps.
  • A shoulder pad strap has no P.A.L.S webbing.

This is an incredible item that you invest a considerable measure of energy outside. Every little thing about it is exceptionally adjustable. Finally, this is truly an outstanding vest on the market. Above all, it doesn’t be expensive, so it’s anything but an item that will fails your budget.


5.SMART STANDARD Tactical Vest


If you’re in hunting and camping activities, the SMART STANDARD Tactical Vest is for you. It guarantees that you’re arranged continuously. It offers exceptional capacity alternatives and features. This vest can able to give you comfort and protection.




  •  It has three exclusive movable rifle magazine pockets with a Velcro.
  • Fast discharge framework enables you to dispose of the vest in a brief span when the crisis happened.
  • With several pockets, the Smartstandard permits a place for all that you require.
  • It keeps you ensured, agreeable, and prepared for any circumstance.
  • However, the black color is excellent in dim or in a forest. Besides, the khaki is useful for the fight in the desert.
  •  1000D Nylon is the material of the vest.
  • It can fit up to 50 inches of waist.
  •  You can adjust the girth and length. You can also adjust the shoulder.
  • There are several bags for different functions. You find three pieces of mag pouches, one part of flashlight pouch and medic pouch. You can remove all these bags.
  •  It has a pull belt that is release quickly. If you want to divide the vest into several parts, pull the belt. This system used for the emergency.
  • You can see a universal hostler that is in an adjustable position.
  • It has a stur dy back loop system to bring extra gear.





  •  Several pouches to carry different things such pistol, flashlight, rifle, etc.
  • Perfect for severe weather for its water resistant capability.
  • Simple and universal size.
  • High-quality stitching.
  • The top handle on the back plate makes the transport more accessible.
  •  Quick release system supports in the emergency period.


  •  This vest doesn’t fit the man who is big.
  •  You may have the experience of smelling the chemical plastic.


SMART STANDARD gives excellent support. The vest has openings on the base for plates, any way you can likewise put square sand packs in there for weight. It looks beautiful that what you want to buy. The vest is impressive for its value. As a most preferred vest , the Smart standard is the right choice.

How to choose the bulletproof vest


So guys this the time for the buying guide of the bulletproof vest. It’s a significant challenge to choose the perfect vest that is suitable for you. In this guide, we’ll try to help you to find the right product. Remember that you’re investing the safety of your life. As a result, the body armor is a vital thing when someone is shooting at you. It saves your life from the bullet. There are several shapes and sizes of the vest. You have a basic knowledge before buying the product. Otherwise, you can’t be able to buy the right one. However read the buying guide carefully. It will help you a lot.


If you’re looking for a best bulletproof vest, check the comfortless. Comfort is the important thing of the vest to consider. It’s horrible to experience if you wear an uncomfortable cloth. Same as the vest, if your vest doesn’t fit in your body, it doesn’t give any comfort. However, keep in mind that it does not give you the experience of wearing a sweater or t-shirt. The vest is not comfortable than wearing the cloth. Try to choose the piece that is fit your body.  If your body has some change after some days of buying this, it’s not possible to protect your body from the vest. The protection level isn’t working well if the vest doesn’t fit with your body. Choose the product that fits with your body.


You have to think about the weight of the vest in the time of choosing. As the years progressed, bearers and plates have turned out to be lighter and more powerful. Pick a vest intended for the kind of protection you will need. As opposed to the best protection you can get. Keep in mind that the weight of the product you select will affect your weakness levels. This is additionally influenced by the armor plates or covering embeds. If you plan on wearing the vest for lots of time, search for the lighter vests.

Hidden or open

Do you want to hide your vest or want to wear it over the cloth? First, take your decision and then choose the right one. It makes a difference a ton how your transporter accommodates your body. It depends on your situation. In strategic circumstances, when your attacker sees your vest, they may focus on those regions of your body that are not secured. At the point when your body armor plates jab out your shirt, it can feel and look ungainly.


Bearers are generally made of either nylon or fabric.  You should consider what you will wear underneath your body covering and time allotment that the protective layer will remain on. Know about the way that specific materials can cause skin scraped area or uneasiness under particular conditions.

Extra Protection

Yes, you need to check the additional protection of the vest. If it has the extra safety feature, try to purchase the product. These can be hard panels that slide into the front of the transporter to furnish the wearer with extra safety. Make sure that the panels that hold the plates are fixed with warm as the ballistic material. Kevlar will be shielded from daylight and dampness. Make sure to consider the climate conditions you may experience. Extraordinary warmth, rain and cool would able to affect the ballistic materials utilized in your vest.

Armor Ratings

The National Institute of Justice gives the ratings to the bulletproof vest. There are six types of armor ratings such as I, II-A, II, III-A, III, and IV. Level I protects the low-velocity round and small caliber. Remember that the vest has high armor ratings.

Quality and Warranty

You should check the quality of the product. Besides, you also check the warranty on it. Verify which of the vests you’re thinking about offers warranty if any on their items. Since the armor is an enormous venture, it is something you need to have the capacity to depend on for a long time. The warranty can add to that genuine feeling of serenity that anything should happen to your gear. There is the help to get it settled.

Taking measurement

– Most vests will have sizes because of your tallness and weight. Utilize a measuring tape to decide how tall you are. Venture on a scale to get your present weight and write on a bit of paper.

– If you’re purchasing a hid vest, wear a tight fitting shirt and jeans. In the time of wearing a vest, wear the uniform or garments you’ll be wearing and after that measure yourself. This will give you a more precise thought of what vest measure you need.

– In case you’re a part of law requirement, make sure to wear your tool belt and the gear you would be conveying.

– Wrap a measuring tape around your chest.  The tape keeps running under your armpits and over your back.

– Take the estimation and round it up to the following entire number. Write a note of measurement.

– For example, you’ll need to round up to 17 inches, if your chest estimation was 16.25 inches.

– Loosen up your muscles and usually inhale while you get estimated for the product.

– Wrap the measuring tape around the most extensive piece of your torso. Round this number up.

– Hold the measuring tape up to the focal point of your collarbone. Let the tape hang under your navel.

– Measure from the focal point of your collarbone to the highest point of the belt, if you’re wearing a tool belt. Utilize this estimation to decide to what extent your vest should be.


Decide how much cash you need to spend on the vest. A few vests are costly as a result of their style or look. Others will cost more due to their level of security or more features. Despite the cost, ensure that the National Institute of Justice affirms the vest. Make a point to evaluate every one of the choices inside your cost range.  As a result, you can’t put a cost on your life and returning home securely to your family.

Wear the vest before buy

At the finishing line of buying the vest, you should wear the product for the confirmation. Ensure that you feel great in the vest and that it isn’t too tight or too free on your body. If you feel excessively massive and you can’t move your arms, discover a vest that fits you better. Never choose a vest that is not fit you. Keep in mind that the vest won’t fit your body couldn’t protect your life from a bullet. Make sure of the replacement support while you’re buying the vest from the internet.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How comfortable are the vests?

Ans.: Yes, the vests are comfortable to wear. The vest is getting hot in the summer. But the undershirts keep it dry and cool. It can able to ventilate the air to the outside.

2.Would I be able to test shoot my vest?

Ans.: No, you shouldn’t. It won’t function well in a good shooting.

3.How to clean the bulletproof vest?

Ans.: Get the ballistic panel and wash the external part. The name of the outer portion is a carrier. Usually, machine washed the carrier. Detergent is the material for cleaning it.

4.How Concealable are the vests?

Ans.: It truly relies upon your body and clothes that vest fits you perfectly. Level II vests are 0.25″thick. So only a shirt can cover it up pleasantly if the shirt is free.

5.What are the requirements to purchase a vest?

Ans.: As an inhabitant of the US, you have the privilege to purchase. The men who can’t get a vest are those who have been indicted a crime. There is no procedure to check the verification, waiting period or federal registration to buy the product.

6.Who buys this product?

Ans.: The bulletproof vest is for those who are live and work in an environment of crime. Police and army can buy this for their security. Besides, the Security guards, Park Rangers, War photographers and Bounty hunters can purchase the product.

7.What the size of the UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest?

Ans.: There are an adjustable height of 21 inches to

8.Does the Condor Cross Draw vest support hi-cap mags for the AK?

Ans.: Yes, the adjustable straps able to fit with any mags.

9.What’s the size of the Condor vest?

Ans.: There are two types of size of the Condor such as small and medium. The size of large is up to 52 inches.


Final Words

And you got the secret of the safety of your life in the battle of fire. We share in details of the best bulletproof vest in the post. This five types of the vest are the right choice if you want to purchase any product like these. These vests mainly need the military and law enforcement.

In conclusion we can say that Tipperary Vest is suitable to use the adult. If you want to buy the product for your child, then avoid it. To sum up If you’re going to several supports from a vest, UTG Law Enforcement is the right choice.  Condor Cross is perfect for beginners.  If your budget is low, you should choose the Gloryfire. In short SMARTSTANDARD is good looking, affordable and sturdy vest for you.

So, take your decision and buy now from Amazon the best bullet proof vest 2018. Enjoy the safety of life!

Best Bulletproof Vest for 2018. 5 Bulletproof vest reviewed for buy
 Best bulletproof vest
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